Are Solar Batteries Worth It?

Installing solar for your home can offer you energy that’s clean, renewable, and more often than not, more affordable than your current monthly electric bill. Going solar is also flexible,  which allows you to install as much or as little as you need at the time. And when you add solar battery storage, that flexibility and reliability increase exponentially.

How Do Solar Batteries Work
Without solar battery storage built into your system, you can only use solar energy as its being generated. That means when you can’t use solar, you’re pulling from the grid, and paying grid prices for energy.

Battery Storage Protects Against Grid Outages
Battery storage means you do not need the sun to turn the lights on. And if there’s an outage from the grid due to equipment failure or weather, you won’t be affected. All excess energy your solar system generates which your home can’t use right away is stored in your solar batteries for you to use anytime you need, including during a grid outage.

The Cost
You must be aware that you get what you pay for when it comes to batteries. Options that cost a little more offer benefits and savings that more than make up for the extra cost. Adding any solar battery solution to your system will help you reduce your dependence on the grid and help you keep the lights on, rain or shine. Going for a cheap battery or a bad warranty means your new battery might fail sooner than you think, leaving you out of pocket and looking to buy another. Batteries fill up and release charges every day, so you need to make sure the one you chose will be up to the task.

The cost to produce batteries, as with solar panels, will come down over time, and capacity will increase. But the options on the market today are more than enough to see you through sunny and stormy skies for a decade or more. Talk to the experts at Solar Man SA to see how you can bring solar battery storage to your home energy system.

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