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South Africa has been grappling with loadshedding continuously for more than a year. These disruptions have significantly impacted the daily lives of South Africans, prompting a significant shift in home buyers’ preferences.

In a recent survey conducted by Pam Golding Properties, it was revealed that 35% of home buyers in South Africa are now prioritizing green features, particularly solar power systems when searching for their dream homes. This was followed by water storage tanks and boreholes. This trend not only highlights the growing environmental consciousness of the population but also emphasizes the need for sustainable solutions, with solar power leading the way.

Pay a premium for green features
Furthermore, the survey indicated that nearly 70% of home buyers would be willing to pay a premium for properties with green features, making solutions like solar power increasingly influential in determining the prices sellers can achieve for their homes. More than half of the agents stated that homeowners were incorporating green features not only for personal benefit but also to enhance the marketability of their properties when the time comes to sell.

Increased Marketability of homes equipped with Solar
Andrew Golding, head of Pam Golding Properties, emphasized the added appeal and marketability of homes equipped with backup power and water supply solutions. While it may be challenging to quantify the exact monetary value of these features, the availability of alternative power and water storage solutions makes homes more attractive to buyers, particularly when comparing similar properties. Golding highlighted that the demand for boreholes and water storage tanks is a reminder that water scarcity remains a significant concern in many parts of the country.

The survey results also indicated that properties with green features tend to sell faster than those without. Buyers prioritize viewing these properties first, appreciating the fact that the necessary work has already been done, which adds considerable appeal, as stated by Golding.

Off the grid is KEY
While completely going off the grid may be the ideal situation, affordability is a major consideration for many consumers, especially first-time home buyers. Therefore, homeowners primarily focus on mitigating the effects of load-shedding, with water being a secondary concern for most. High-end buyers, on the other hand, prioritize being as self-sufficient as possible, while those in the middle price range are satisfied if alternative energy sources can keep them free from load-shedding for most of their needs.

Overall, the presence of green features is a significant advantage for any home. The survey highlights the growing importance of energy-saving solutions such as solar power in the real estate market. As load-shedding and rising electricity costs continue to affect South African households, home buyers are increasingly recognizing the value and appeal of properties equipped with renewable energy and water-saving solutions. This trend emphasizes the need for sustainable and resilient homes in the face of ongoing challenges in the energy sector.

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