Solar Battery – Lithium Storage Batteries

Lithium ION Batteries – THE BETTER SOLAR power storage OPTION

Lithium-ion batteries is the future of solar power storage. These batteries offer better performance.

There is no perfect solar power storage solution yet. Technology is moving fast in this field and lithium-iron batteries is a popular choice for many people who decide to opt for solar power.

Below is a quick comparison between some of the benefits and what to consider when thinking of using lithium-iron batteries.


  • Easy to handle, light weight
    When you compare lithium-iron batteries to other batteries you will see it is much easier to handle due to the fact that it weighs less.
  • Better Design
    These batteries are designed better when compared to older battery design.
  • Better Efficiency
    Better quality lithium batteries. The discharge and charging is close to 100% as what is currently possible.
  • Increased Cycles
    Most batteries can only charge a number of times. With these batteries the number of charge cycles are a lot more.
  • Consistent Discharge Voltage
    The voltage of lithium-iron batteries stay consistent during the recharge process.
  • Well Priced
    The initial investment is more; but you get more. The increased charge cycles, better performance, and better lifespan is well worth it.
  • Lower Maintenance
    Not a lot of maintenance needed on lithium batteries.
  • More Eco Friendly
    These batteries are more eco friendly; which is good for the environment.


It is not the perfect solution yet. It is definitely an improvement in power storage solutions.

  • Initial Investment
    Yes the initial investment is more.
  • Keep Cool
    It is important for ALL batteries and electronics to stay cool.
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