How much will it cost to go solar?

The cost of going solar and saying goodbye to Eskom for good ranges from R 80,000 to R 500,000. Generally, this cost will vary depending on the intended electricity consumption and how many days the solar system must last without sunshine to recharge its batteries.

If you are looking to upgrade your home and take your power storage to the next level, Solar Man is the all-in-one solution that got you covered.

At Lithium Power we show you how to save on your monthly energy bill and make your home eco-friendly and energy efficient with solar power.

As you read deeper into this article, you will discover once and for all that with Solar Man, you can get solar power at a price that matches your budget.

We Have Your Solar Solution On Our Mind

Now is the right time to discover how you can do this. Did you know many South African homes already have solar panels? Solar power is the fastest-growing energy source in South Africa.

Many households no longer rely on Eskom because of the high cost of its electric power supply.

Now that Eskom could implement stage 6 load-shedding because electricity demand Is higher than the supply. But, can you afford the inconvenience this would cause? If you want to go off the grid, we are here to make the journey smooth for you.

Don’t Forget This When Going Solar!

For a typical South African household to go off the grid, It would help if you got a solar setup that matches your electrical energy consumption. It is even better to exceed your energy needs.

Solar Man has installed so many rooftops solar systems with so many happy customers. We are here to give you one of the cleanest and most sustainable energy sources that can provide you and your household with steady electricity at a reasonable price.

Don’t Wait! Take action now!

Our solar power is more affordable than you think. We love installation, and we love to install it for you too. The households with solar installations have a great way of proving to us that more and more people believe in the quality and efficiency of the power that comes from the sun.

With a solar power system, you are screaming to the world that a clean world starts from your home.

What is the most thoughtful thing you can do right if you want to have the steady, eco-friendly, and affordable electricity you and your household deserve? Talk to the experts at Solar Man SA to see how you can bring solar energy to your home and say goodbye to Eskom, for good.

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