Your solar energy system works by taking energy from the sun and converting it to energy your home can use. With quality parts and experienced installers, your system should need little maintenance to keep it running at it’s best. However, there are some things to watch out for that may contribute to your panels not generating as much clean solar energy as they could.

Why Maximize Output
The more power you generate the better, because even if your home doesn’t need to use it at that moment, it can be stored in your solar batteries and used at a later date or when the sun is not out.

What’s Impacting Your Solar Output
There are various factors to look out for if you notice a sudden drop in output. Though solar energy generation can vary a lot from day to day, as weather and other unpredictable things come into play.

Where is the sun?
Throughout the year, the sun’s position towards your panels changes, and some months may be more optimal than others.

Where are your panels positioned?
Solar Panels installed facing east or west are going to have a lower output than panels that face north.

Is it super hot out?
High temperatures can reduce power by 20% for your panels, reducing their efficiency. Conversely, cold temperatures can improve the performance of your panels.

Are your panels dirty?
It’s important to clean your solar panels once or twice a year to ensure they are clear of debris like leaves or animal droppings or just general dirt and grime. Clean panels are more available for collecting solar.

With a combination of these factors affecting your solar energy generation, you can begin to see why your solar amount goes up and down.

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