Solar Batteries

Rooftop solar installation can offer you clean and renewable energy, often at a lower cost than your current electric bill. The flexibility of solar panels allows you to install the amount you need, while solar battery storage can increase reliability and flexibility exponentially.

Solar batteries store excess solar energy your system generates, so you can use it later, including during grid outages. Without battery storage, you can only use solar energy when it is being generated, which means you may still need to draw energy from the grid and pay grid prices. With solar batteries, you don’t need the sun to shine to turn on the lights, and you won’t be affected by power outages from the grid.

In comparison, petrol-powered generators have limited capacity and pose potential hazards if not used correctly. Additionally, when you run out of fuel, you are left without backup power, as seen during the Texas storm duration.

Although batteries may have a higher cost, they provide benefits and savings that more than make up for it. It’s crucial to choose a reliable and high-quality option, as cheaper batteries or bad warranties can lead to failure and additional costs.

Battery costs, like solar panels, will decrease over time, and capacity will increase. However, current options are more than enough to last for a decade or more. Consult one of our solar solution experts to learn how you can add solar battery storage to your home energy system.

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