How Often To Replace Your Solar Panels

When you consider an investment in your home like installing solar, it’s important to know what it will take to maintain your solar energy system and how long you can expect it to last. Most solar energy systems have a lifespan of 25 years. With a little bit of maintenance for your system, and a few key care tips to take care of your solar panels, you can invest in clean solar energy for your home that really goes the distance to save you money.

Making Your Solar Energy System Last
The key to keeping your system in tip top shape is standard regular maintenance. For your inverter or other key parts of the system, that may mean a yearly inspection or cleaning. For your solar panels, however, maintaining their max generating power means keeping an eye out for anything that could be obstructing the sun’s path to your home. This can mean having your solar panels periodically cleaned of dirt and debris, or removing any fallen branches or leaves that may be keeping those rays from getting to your home. Your solar panels are only as good at catching the sun’s rays as they are clear to grab them.

Replacing Solar Panels
It is very rare that you will have to replace any solar panels in your rooftop solar system so long as they are properly maintained. However, solar panels capacity degrades over time—meaning they will gradually be able to hold and transfer less and less of the sun’s energy as the years go on. How fast their capacity diminishes varies, but by the end of the 25-to-30-year lifespan, it’s likely that most of your panels will still be working just fine.

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